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Maria Montessori was determined to design a curriculum that would reflect all the essential human skills and knowledge areas in a format designed to appeal to young children.  Montessori materials typically “teach” concepts or skills in isolation, and materials are “self-correcting,” allowing children to learn independently through play, experimentation, and trial and error.  This approach encourages children to work independently and at their own pace while presenting concepts in the only natural way a young person can understand–in a concrete, three-dimensional format that they can see, touch, hear, smell, and manipulate.


Across all subject areas, Montessori education emphasizes compassion, respect for others, and individual initiative.

Our areas of study include:

  • Practical Life

  • Grace and Courtesy

  • Sensorial Development

  • Language and Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Zoology

  • Botany

  • Geography

  • Art

  • Music

  • Cultural Explorations

Our program includes:

  • Spanish language

  • Mixed-age group

  • small class size ratio 1:4

  • 12 students

  • Home-based classroom

  • Authentic Montessori-Approved Materials

  • Kimochis Lesson (curriculum about social-emotional development)

  • Cooking

  • Different mediums of art

  • Outdoor time

  • Montessori-trained music teacher

  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)

  • Gardening 

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