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 Snack Menu

We believe that in order for your little ones to grow to their fullest potential, both developmentally and physically, they need a variety of high-quality, organic and nutritious foods.  We are confident that instilling healthy eating habits at an early age prepares your child for a lifetime of success.  Below is a list, but not limited to of the snack items we will serve your child.  


  • Cottage Cheese and Pineapple

  • Fruit Salad and Granola

  • Hummus with Pita or Cucumbers or Pretzels

  • Yogurt with Mixed  Berries or Granola

  • French Toast

  • O's Cereal with Pears or Bananas or Applesauce

  • Animal Crackers with Bananas or Applesauce

  • Yogurt Parfait

  • Graham Crackers and Applesauce or Apple Slices

  • Apple Slices and Sun-butter

  •  Pretzels with Cheese

  • 100% whole wheat bagels with cream cheese

  • Mini Cheese Sandwiches on Whole Wheat bread

  • Crackers and String Cheese

  • Rice Crackers with Sun-butter

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