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Star City Montessori Goals and Objectives

Star City Montessori is centered on the Montessori education method, which prioritizes each child's holistic development.  We believe each student is naturally eager to learn and aim to bolster this initiative by creating a supportive and thoughtfully prepared learning environment.  Our activities promote the development of social skills, emotional growth, autonomy, a sense of order, physical coordination, and cognitive preparation.  Each child is given the freedom to choose from these activities based on their interests and seek out teachers' guidance as needed.


Students will develop healthy peer relationships in our home-based Montessori preschool by interacting with peers of multiple ages.  Younger students learn from their older classmates, and older students reinforce their understanding of concepts by helping and teaching their younger classmates.  In addition, the mixed-age group in the classroom fosters children's collaboration and prepares them for future social interactions with people of all ages and personalities.

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